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People asked why I squeed at the picture of praya dubia (top left); I just today wrote part of a fic about Sherlock in a coma, and though it’s probably cliché, the deep ocean is my metaphor:

Notes from “In the Deep” (working title):

In the oceans, available living space has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. The oceans offer 99% of the potential living space on earth. The deep sea, in utter dark, is the planet’s largest habitat. And we know practically nothing of it. Sherlock explores.

Every night and every morning, billions of sea creatures travel from the black deep to the surface and back again in search of food and some fragile warmth. It’s the largest synchronized animal movement on earth, this vertical migration, and it happens every day, twice a day, diurnal. Sherlock drifts.

The sea below 1000 meters is pure pressured dark, but the life is light, spectacular bioluminescence. In some areas 90% of the living things glow; it’s the rule rather than the exception, to be alight.Their colors run the whole radiant spectrum, but most often they’re blue. Blue is the color that travels furthest through seawater. It’s the only color most deep sea life can see, so they live by blue. He follows the blue.

The siphonophore praya dubia is the largest invertebrate on the planet, longer than a blue whale. It glows blue-green. If brought to the surface, without the pressure of the deep to hold it together, it dissolves into small unrecognizable pieces.

The only part of galliteuthis phyllura that isn’t transparent is its eyes.

The teeth of the viperfish do not fit into its mouth, so it has to carry them outside, dangerously close to its eyes.

Sherlock loves the ocean.

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    Wow! This is poetry! It gives me chills. I love your cadence. Praya dubia is “prayer doubts” according to Google Latin...
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