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Against axiology.

Critics tend toward “axiology”, creating strict standards of “good” and “bad” media. This bugs the fuck out of me, because it basically lets people stop thinking about what they like and why. So of any text—program, film, music, etc—I don’t just ask, “Is it good or bad?” Ask, “good or bad for what ?”

IE: Elementary=excellent police procedural, not so great study of social psychologies.

Sherlock=fascinating exploration of homosocial psychology, weak as forensic drama.

So let’s see if I’ve managed to peeve both fandoms equally…

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    Shallow* is my middle name. Use a VPN to catch it as it shows in the UK. Buy the DVD’s to play on the all-region player...
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    Media discussion responses! *grabs your hand and skips down a grassy green hill with a blue, blue sky overhead* I’ve...
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    Woo hoo! Media geekage! You’ll notice that I wanted to talk about value judgments in terms of uses, not just responses....
  10. nympheline said: i’ve gotten to the point at which value judgements come down to whether i’m glad i spent my time on something or not. so if someone asks, “how was it?” the answer is either, “i wish i’d done something else” or “it was worth doing.”
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    Is it a shallow value judgment to say “I like X because it makes me happy” without delving into why that is? Because I...